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Q&A: Ed and Sarah Rogers, Riverhill Gardens

Channel 4’s Country House Rescue, for me, is all about the best of British: our long-standing architectural heritage preserved and sympathetically modernised for future generations to enjoy. Collectively, these programmes symbolise the conservation of a heritage that lies at the … Continue reading

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A cut above the rest: digital goes haute couture at Burberry

The term ‘heritage brand’ doesn’t necessarily evoke futuristic imagery but in the case of British fashion house Burberry, at this season’s London Fashion Week, it was clear that this is a brand looking forward, not merely blowing dust off its … Continue reading

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Q&A: Caroline Shenton, Chief Archivist, UK Parliamentary Archives

Archives aren’t usually places associated with digital technology but UK Parliamentary Archives Chief Archivist, Caroline Shenton, blows the dust off the myths and tells me a very different tale. What would a typical day (if such a thing exists!) be … Continue reading

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Google + and the homogeny of social networking

As Google+ rocks up as the new cool kid at the social media party, stealing the glitter-ball-dazzle from Facebook, Twitter et al, it seems a good time to step back from those bright and colourful digital lights to consider its … Continue reading

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