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Review: Damien Hirst, Tate Modern

Someone once told me a great story about Damien Hirst. Having been at a party, the man himself had been working the room, asking guests to put their hands in his pocket and guess what was in there. The mischievous … Continue reading

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Review: Brand Anarchy

Brand Anarchy: a book that takes the urban sprawl of our current media landscape, flattens it to its foundations and reconstructs it, explaining how and why each structure looks and stands in the way it does. Authors Steve Earl and … Continue reading

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Social media let down by poor customer service at Fulham’s Sands End pub

Daily, I read various case studies where the powers of social media and customer service combined fall far short of the superhero status they have the potential to achieve. As general customer service skills have been around for a good … Continue reading

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Graduate schemes: are PR agency bosses failing graduates?

The ever-resourceful, and thoroughly good chap!, Ben Cotton, has once again compiled his well-researched and really rather helpful list of PR graduate schemes to give the future talent of the PR industry a much-needed foot up. Most of us have … Continue reading

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Q&A: Victoria Buckley, academic – digital’s effect on research

Digital has revolutionised many sectors, democratising content and providing access to resources otherwise unavailable. Victoria Buckley is in the final stages of a PhD at the University of Sussex and talks to me about what online communities have done for … Continue reading

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Q&A: Caroline Shenton, Chief Archivist, UK Parliamentary Archives

Archives aren’t usually places associated with digital technology but UK Parliamentary Archives Chief Archivist, Caroline Shenton, blows the dust off the myths and tells me a very different tale. What would a typical day (if such a thing exists!) be … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: made you look!

I think it’s safe to say, following the recent riots in the UK, that many of us were glued to our screens as we watched the 24- hour news channels play a small selection of amateur videos, on repeat, of … Continue reading

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Communication: vital for Tottenham community to start healing, following riot

Having watched the events in Tottenham as they unfolded last night, prompted, of course, by Twitter, I couldn’t help but think about what it is that brings a community to a boiling point, seeing the pan tip and its contents … Continue reading

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