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The immobile world of mobile network providers

We all look to the nine circles of hell when drawing comparisons with experiences we take a disliking to and, I have to say, I considered that very association after my recent foray into the deeply dark world of mobile … Continue reading

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Review: Damien Hirst, Tate Modern

Someone once told me a great story about Damien Hirst. Having been at a party, the man himself had been working the room, asking guests to put their hands in his pocket and guess what was in there. The mischievous … Continue reading

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Review: Brand Anarchy

Brand Anarchy: a book that takes the urban sprawl of our current media landscape, flattens it to its foundations and reconstructs it, explaining how and why each structure looks and stands in the way it does. Authors Steve Earl and … Continue reading

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Chance is the name of the game: Alighiero Boetti at Tate Modern

As I walk through the archway to room two of the Alighiero Boetti exhibition at Tate Modern, above which are two signs, flashing alternately; one the word ‘PING’, the other ‘PONG’, curator, Mark Godfrey is standing, discussing the piece Shaman/Showman: … Continue reading

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Review: Picasso and Modern British Art (Tate Britain)

Influence is a complicated affair. Impossible to measure with any great sense of accuracy or meaning yet it is as ubiquitous as oxygen. We spend our lives being influenced, often without noticing that it is even happening. The exhibition currently … Continue reading

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Social media let down by poor customer service at Fulham’s Sands End pub

Daily, I read various case studies where the powers of social media and customer service combined fall far short of the superhero status they have the potential to achieve. As general customer service skills have been around for a good … Continue reading

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Ego and the idiot: the modern opinion piece.

When I read the over-saturation of opinion pieces littering the pages of the media, written by a superiority of didacts who have such high opinions of themselves that they regularly plaster 1,000 words of condescending, cynical and, quite frankly, joyless, … Continue reading

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Graduate schemes: are PR agency bosses failing graduates?

The ever-resourceful, and thoroughly good chap!, Ben Cotton, has once again compiled his well-researched and really rather helpful list of PR graduate schemes to give the future talent of the PR industry a much-needed foot up. Most of us have … Continue reading

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‘Targeting’ journalists on LinkedIn as a comms professional

On Wednesday I spoke at the Social Media Academy #LinkedInConf on the subject of ‘Targeting Journalists on LinkedIn’, so I thought I would share some of my thoughts, and some additional points that came out of the discussion, here. Firstly, … Continue reading

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Twitter celebrates ‘top tweeters’ at #TwitterDinner, but what places a tweeter on top?

Last night, as I skimmed through my feed, a nightly ritual before drifting off to Bedfordshire, I noticed a handful of celebrities were waxing lyrical about the ‘top tweeters’ #TwitterDinner they had just attended, hosted by Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, … Continue reading

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