As a journalist who has worked extensively within the digital arena it is odd that I have never embarked on marking out my own online territory with a personal blog.

I have cocked my leg on various occasions, dallying with ideas, half writing posts, even establishing how I’d like that space to look; creating themes and selecting imagery, but the leg always came down without a word being committed to page.

Now, I have sniffed out my spot, prepared the ground and am ready to commit myself to whatever the space inspires me to fill it with.

I know I’ll enjoy the experience and hopefully there will be something of interest for others to engage with too…

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5 Responses to Manifesto?

  1. Ben Matthews says:

    Looking forward to sniffing around 🙂

  2. Ged Carroll says:

    Congratulations Peter, when I saw the title manifesto I was expecting something out of Situationist International, thankfully it was much more easy-going than that!

  3. Peter Hay says:

    It was rather tempting to run the line of an Andre Breton-style epic but in the end it is, after all, a mere blog, not a movement. My audience was my guide! ; )

  4. woof woof 🙂 looking forward to more Mr H xx

  5. timhoang says:

    looking forward to this Pete.

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